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About Medical College Bellary(MCB)

History of Medical College Bellary

"Sanction is accorded for the same starting of a Medical College at Bellary during the year 1961-62" so ran the Govt.order No.PLM 563MMC 60, Bangalore dated 15th June 1961, 25th Jaishta S.E.1883 turning into reality the dream of the people of the Bellary district who had striven long and hard for above sanction.

Behind this culmination is a long story...................The Govt of Mysore had sanctioned a Medical College at hubli. This was the inspiration to some of the knowledgeble citizens of Bellary district to ask themselves...........Why not a Medical College at Bellary? Out of this introspection grew the prospect and the need for one. On 4th august 1959, the prominent citizens made out a memorandum and presented to the then Chief Minister, Shri BD Jatti, for establishing a Medical College at Bellary. In the memorandum, it was envisaged to have the College and Hospital buildings at the existing Head Quarters Hospital and adjacent campus and to begin the Pre-Professional Course (PPC) and Pre-Clinical Courses at the Allipuram Jail Blocks. They also pleaded that the college should start functioning from July 1960.
When the response from the govt was rather lukewarm, the seasoned co-operators of the district went to the extent of establishing the Bellary District Co-operative Academy of Technical and Scientific Education Limited, Bellary; with the aim of starting a co-operative Medical College as an alternative, "a revolutionary proposal" as acclaimed by the Press. Wave after wave of delegations from all cross sections of the citizens submitted memoranda to the Chief Minister Shri BD Jatti, reiterating the demand.
A sponsoring committee for Medical College was formed on 18-6-1960 and presented memoranda to the chief minister on 26-6-1960 and again on 27-4-1961 pleading for the inclusion of the project in the Third Five Year Plan.The philanthropic public had come forward with a novel idea of donating a substantial amount towards the starting of medical college by the proceeds from sale of high grade iron ore to state trading corporation; the sale proceeds being credited to the medical college sponsoring committee account as donation.
The fourth estate also chipped in and lent a strong support to focus the attention of govt on the issue. All kudos to them. The sponsoring committee presented a cheque for 3 lakhs to the Secretary to Govt Public Health, Labour and Muncipal Administration Department, Govt of Mysore on 21-6-1991 when Dr.KK Hegde was holding the portfolio .............................this is the story of trials and tribulations behind the birth of college.

The historic Allipore Jail spread over 173 acres, where many freedom fighters had undergone confinement metamorohosed and like a phoenix from the ashes arose the different departments from the renovated blocks which still retain their original numbers.

The Medical College which came into existence in 1961 added the hospital facilities in 1963 which was housed in the then Sabhapathi Mudaliar Head Quarters Hospital. The area of the hospital was 15 acres and 9 cents. It had all conventional departments of that era like Ophthalmology, ENT, Dentistry, Sugery and others. The Maternity and Children had come up in the campus by 1957-58 and primadoni was Sri Kuppuswamy Mudaliar. This hospital came to be known in the long run as Head Quarters Hospital or Gosha Hospital.
Work on the outpatient building although retarded by the National Emergency was duly completed, the building was ready for dedication to the people in 1966.

The infant college was nurtured by a Special Officer Dr.Heblikar KG and later it was Dr.Nagaraja Rao HA. Dr. Charles D'souza had the distinction of being the first Dean of the infant college during the year 1964-65 followed by Dr.Chaukar AR who was instrumental in shifting the clinical departments to the OPD building.

The Govt. Wellesley TB and Chest Diseases Hospital established in 1929 for treating patients with Tuberculosis from among convicts and political prisoners in the then Madras Province. After independence it was converted to TB Sanitorium, of course now it has got its first name back in view of Domicilliary treatment of TB and the spread of other chest disorders. This institution was attached to Medical College Hospital in 1972.

The Historians of this epic struggle; Dr. Vittal YP, former Professor of ENT (Hon) and Secretary, Medical College Sponsoring Committee and Dr. Suresh KG, Prof of Paediatrics, Past Principal merit our unbounded admiration and gratitude.

At present, the medical college caters to the needs of the public of Bellary, Raichur, Koppal, Chitradurga districts of Karnataka and Anantpur and Kurnool districts of Andhra Pradesh. Lot of changes have happened in the college and hospital. To name a few the Headquarters Hospital Maternity and Child Departments have been shifted to Medical college campus. New Administrative block, new hostels and renovated OPD look quite impressive. All most all departments have been strenghened with faculty and latest equipments. Our Medical College Bellary (MCB) alias Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) has carved a niche for itself in the Health Care Scenario of Karnataka State.

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College Chronicle

What's the Best About Our Club?

  • Medical College Bellary established in 1961 and affiliated to Mysore University till 1967. First four batches did Pre-Professional courses in Veerashaiva College, Bellary.
  • Students and Staff Co-operative Society established in 1962.
  • Clinical departments started in 1964 in the District Hospital, Bellary.
    1. Affiliated to Karnataka University in 1967.
  • Clinical departments except Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology shifted to OPD building in August 1966.
  • First batch of students (12) passed final MBBS in 1966
  • First Medical Exhibition conducted in District Hospital, Bellary in 1966
  • Intermedical Sports and Games meet conducted in 1968
  • 'Strike' and 'Fast unto Death' for 680 bedded hospital in 1968
  • Vidya Ganapathi Temple constructed in October 1972
  • MBBS degree recognised in 1978 by MCI under stewardship of Dr.Shenoi RHN.
  • State level Medical Exhibition conducted in 1978.
  • Post-Graduate Courses MD (General Medicine), MS (General Surgery) and MD (Obst & Gyneac) started in 1979 and in other disciplines between 1980-83.
  • Affiliated to Gulburga University in 1980.
  • General Medicos Strike in 1980.
  • 21st Intermedical Sports conducted in 1985.
  • Strike demanding better facilities and filling up of vacancies in 1988.
  • Silver Jubilee Celebration in 1988
    1. The institution was converted into Automous Institution in 1996 and renamedas Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences
  • The Head Quarters Hospital shifted to Medical College Campus in
  • The College is completing its Golden Jubilee on June 16th 2011

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